Captain America: Civil War directors reveal which side Doctor Strange is on

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You may have heard of a little film by the name of Captain America: Civil War. It stars a huge roster of Marvel’s iconic characters, but some superheroes were missing, notably Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange, whose solo movie is next up on Marvel’s theatrical release slate. So which side would he pick? Team Iron Man, or Team Cap?

Taking to Facebook to qualm fan curiosity about the rapidly approaching film, the directors – Anthony and Joe Russo – posted the below gif to their Facebook page.

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In a hilarious mixture of fan appeasement and nifty editing skills, they’ve brought the recently leaked footage of Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange jumping to fly – only without the requisite CGI to allow him to actually do so on-screen. Are the Russo brothers just joking around? Or do the Russo brothers actually have something up their sleeve for such a team-up?

Captain America: Civil War is released in the UK on April 29, and in the US on May 6 – while Doctor Strange is released on October 28 and November 4 in the UK and US respectively.

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