Bill & Ted to Face the Music in new movie

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Keanu Reeves has finally managed to shed his surfer dude image with the John Wick movies. Now, however, it appears Reeves may be visiting the character that gave him that surfer dude reputation in the first place. No, it’s not a sequel to Point Break, but an third installment in the Bill & Ted saga.

According to UPI, Reeves announced at New York Comic-Con that the gang is “trying” to get the sequel off the ground.

“There’s a script out there. It’s called Bill & Ted Face the Music and we’re just trying to get it made. Show business is tough.”

Reeves went on tease the movie’s plot, saying, “It’s a cautionary tale. Bill and Ted were supposed to save the world, but when we see them, they are, like, older and they haven’t saved the world. Their children are grown up and the wives are kind of like, ‘What is going on?’ Bill and Ted are playing to nobody and they are still trying to write the song to save the world and it’s just weighing on them…”

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Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure hit theaters in 1989, quickly becoming a cult classic. A sequel, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, came out in 1991. After that, Reeves went on to star in big hits like Speed and The Matrix while co-star Alex Winter… huh, what has Alex been up to these days?

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