Back to the Future’s Robert Zemeckis in talks to direct The Flash

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Robert Zemeckis is reportedly in talks to direct DC’s The Flash movie. Ezra Miller first plays the speedy superhero in Justice League later this year but will soon have his own solo film.

According to Andy Signore of ScreenJunkies, Zemeckis is “in talks” to helm the movie and is a big fan of the character:

“I’ve heard from multiple sources that Robert Zemeckis is in talks to direct The Flash movie. Zemeckis likes The Flash, it’s a character he’d like to work on.” he said.

Zemeckis is best known for directing Back to the Future, Forrest Gump and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. His most recent film was the Brad Pitt starring Allied. Read our feature on the talented director below:

A Look Back over Robert Zemeckis’ Career so far

We can next see The Flash in Justice League which arrives on 17th November, while he’ll get his solo outing in 2020, with or without Zemeckis in charge.

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