Angelina Jolie in the running to direct Captain Marvel

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Following the news that Michelle MacLaren departed the director’s chair on DC’s Wonder Woman, there has been more positive news in Marvel’s camp: Captain Marvel, planned for November 2, 2018, may have a new director in its midst. Angelina Jolie, responsible for last year’s Oscar-botherer Unbroken, is in talks to direct the superhero movie for Marvel Studios. Interestingly, Jolie was in talks with DC to direct Wonder Woman (who has now nabbed Patty Jenkins), but she could be taking up the cape and direct Captain Marvel instead.

This follows rumours a couple of months ago that Jolie was in the running, but has now become more clear – as reported by Collider – that while no deal has been yet made, she is circling closer and closer to the job. This could potentially be a fantastic choice for director; as Captain Marvel will be the studio’s first female-driven movie (with the role yet to be cast), it makes sense for a strong female figure to make it, and Jolie fits the bill perfectly. Expect confirmation of this sooner rather than later, and hopefully, an announcement as to who will actually be playing the Captain herself.

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Captain Marvel is released November 2, 2018.

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