A weightier Ben Affleck unmasked

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Ben Affleck was pictured looking rather weighty on Sunday when taking his family to church.

The Batman star who is facing a divorce with Jennifer Garner, was seen with the actress over the weekend, but not looking in his best shape it’s fair to say. Check out the images below:

It’s not the first time recently that he’s been spotted looking a bit on the heavy side, as many noted how “bloated” he looked during the Oscars’ ceremony in February.



We can next see Affleck as Batman in Justice League from November 17th, before he gets his solo outing as the caped crusader, which is yet to move forward.

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2 comments on “A weightier Ben Affleck unmasked

  1. SAMIA

    my god heal this man of his addiction to alcohol and sex and make that he rconcilies with jennifer garner

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