8 things we hope to see in the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer

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We’re getting ever so close to the reported release of the first Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, with it expected to arrive this Friday at the Star Wars Celebration, and so here’s 8 things we hope to see in the most anticipated trailer of the year:


It’s been 34 years since we last heard Luke Skywalker’s voice in Return of the Jedi. Please don’t make us wait any longer! It’s been reported that early footage has revealed his first dialogue exchange with Rey, as Luke asks “Who are you?” Not the must exciting question, but we’ll happily take it in the first trailer at least.


What made The Force Awakens’ first trailer so great was its teasing nature, not a huge amount was given away but that was a good thing, as we were left intrigued and eager to see more. It’s likely that we’ll get a longer first trailer with The Last Jedi, due to its late arrival. What we don’t want though, is the mistake Disney made recently with Spider-Man: Homecoming’s trailer which revealed far too much.


The Force Awakens was very clever with its use of music in the trailers, they didn’t milk it but gave us just enough of the classic score to satisfy our needs and fill us with nostalgia. The great John Williams has once again composed the soundtrack, and although we’d love to hear some new songs, the more iconic and familiar music would undoubtedly get us buzzing.


Poe and Finn’s great chemistry in the last film got many fans hopeful of a potential romance between the pair, and John Boyega didn’t rule it out! Although we’re not counting on that, just more Poe and Finn on screen together would be nice. The duo were reunited at the end of The Force Awakens, although Finn was unconscious from his previous battle, so once recovered we hope to see at least a friendly embrace between the two in the new trailer.

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We’re still in mourning over Han Solo’s death so we hope that the whole rebellion still are too. We’ve already seen a few reactions from the main characters, but how will the likes of his good friend Luke react? And what is Chewbacca going to do without his best buddy? There’s been rumors that Han’s funeral was spotted being filmed so hopefully we’ll get a glimpse of it in the trailer.


Speaking of tragic loss, Carrie Fisher’s passing away, was a terrible shock to us all. Although it’s expected that she will appear in Episode 9 without CGI, we’ll see her true final performance as Leia in The Last Jedi, and it would certainly please us all if we get to see the late actress doing what she did best in the trailer on Friday.


Kylo Ren got quite the beating by Rey at the end of Episode 7, and so we can anticipate seeing the villain look worse for wear in the new trailer. It’s been reported that he will sport a new costume and have a noticeable change to his appearance, with a big nasty scar across his face. Let’s hope we get a proper look at that this week.


Bring Jar Jar back! Just kidding! I think it’s fair to say that the franchise has done just fine without the crazy creature. Still if you fancy seeing him return, check out our April Fools trailer below which reveals him as the unlikely last Jedi:


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