Zazie Beetz cast as Domino for Deadpool 2

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After her breakout role in FX’s award-winning Atlanta, Zazie Beetz is lined up to play Marvel character ‘Domino’ alongside Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming Deadpool sequel.

Zazie tested for the role and rumours are saying that Fox like her as well as Ryan Reynolds, who tweeted this photo below teasing her new job.

The character Domino is a long time partner of Cable (David Harbour is in talks to play the role), she’s a well trained mutant mercenary. Her ability is probability manipulation (whatever that means). She’s an excellent marksman and hand to hand combatant and will provide much comedic tension and banter between Deadpool.

Season 2 of Atlanta has been announced but with showrunner and producer Donald Glover busy with the Star Wars Han Solo spin-off, it looks like Zazie has a period of freedom in her schedule. Zazie won’t be the only cast member to spring off the heels of Atlanta’s success, Glover has secured roles in not only Star Wars but Spider-Man: Homecoming and Disney’s remake of The Lion King. Lakeith Stanfield is another breakout star from the series, he notched a number of appearances recently in films such as Get Out, Snowden, Death Note and Netflix’s War Machine starring Brad Pitt.

So far, nothing has officially been announced by 21st Century Fox, with Reynolds twitter photo it would be a surprise if anything changed now.

Deadpool 2 will be in UK cinemas March 2018.

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