Wolverine 3 official title announced with poster

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Hugh Jackman promised us big news earlier on and he hasn’t let us down with the title announcement of Wolverine’s third solo film.

Jackman revealed on twitter, with an image of the movie’s billboard, that the title for his final Wolverine film will be called ‘Logan’:

The post was also retweeted by 20th Century Fox, so no doubt it’s the official name. And he also revealed that the billboard is in New York:

Director, James Mangold also tweeted the poster:

And a photo of a page from the script which shows the nature of the new R-Rated content we can expect:

Earlier on Jackman told ET Online to expect “stuff coming out in the next week or so” and so we may get more than just the title and poster over the coming days.

Jackman also explained the film’s new direction:

“We’ve finished shooting. I just saw [director] Jim Mangold today. He’s editing away and finishing that. Basically it’s going to be different. Very different in tone and hopefully to anything we’ve done.”

The new film is inspired by the ‘Old Man Logan’ comic book series, and will be set in the future with an aged Wolverine. Sir Patrick Stewart is set to return as Professor X, while Richard E. Grant is confirmed to play a villainous mad-scientist.

And we can see Logan in theaters on March 3rd 2017.

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