Will Ferrell will star in Shakespearean theatre comedy

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There aren’t many quivers Will Ferrell hasn’t fired from his bow when it comes to comedy. The star’s much-mimicked acting style has influenced comedy ever since his pompous newsreader Ron Burgundy took to the screen in 2004’s Anchorman, which mixed broad humour and surrealism successfully, but his style is best enjoyed when he’s the one doing. Thankfully, Ferrell’s just been cast in another comedy: an as-yet untitled film that takes place inside a Shakespearean theatre company, and the intense, crazy world inside it. It’s written by David Guion and Michael Handelman, who have both had their share of comedy hits with Blades of Glory, in which Ferrell starred, as well as Men in Black III and The Internship. We imagine whatever character Ferrell ends up playing will be, in some degree, narcissitic, much like his most famous screen personas; and the setting of a theatre company is the perfect place for him to explore that even further. Will Ferrell has also signed on to do Zoolander 2, which currently doesn’t have a release date too.

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