Wes Anderson’s next film starts production, and it’s another stop-motion!

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Plenty of current generation filmmakers like to take their time when it comes to their next film, Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel came out around two years ago now. Now Anderson announces his next film has begun production.

“I’ve got an animated movie I’m doing that’s happening across the room from me right now. So I can see a long list of e-mails from people on the set whom I now need to address.” Anderson said to GQ in an interview this past week. We know he’ll being heading back to the realm of stop-motion animation, in similar to the style of his previous animated venture The Fantastic Mr. Fox.

The film’s story will surround the lives of dogs, some of the cast have already been confirmed by the fly himself Jeff Goldblum who announced he will play a voice role. Some of the other cast include Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Bryan Cranston and Bob Balaban. It’s expected more will be added to the cast, often a Wes Anderson film entices with a long list of recurring impeccable acting talent.

It’s expected, Alexandre Desplat will compose the score, on his IMDB page it does say that Desplat will be scoring and untitled Wes Anderson film for 2018, which is when we project the film to be released.

At least we all know we will be seeing another Wes Anderson film in 2018, so nothing to worry about!


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