Warner Bros. boss: DC’s movies ‘edgier than Marvel’s’

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The gloves aren’t exactly off, but in a recent interview with Variety, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara gave the world a taste of how DC’s movies will differ from Marvel’s own brand of superhero fare. He said:

‘The key thing is that the movies and the television shows and the games, everything looks very different… You have to be able to take advantage of the diversity of these characters.’

Which is entirely true; despite the constant flow of comic book films being churned out year after year, there’s plenty of room for invention (in no small part to the creative license of the comic book format itself). We hope that DC’s films will be different from Marvel’s – otherwise, what’s the point? Tsujihara also went on to say, ‘The worlds of DC are very different… They’re steeped in realism, and they’re a little bit edgier than Marvel’s movies.’ That makes sense: Man of Steel was one of the most irony-free superhero movies ever, and if that might not be your bag, preferring Marvel’s brand of tongue-in-cheek, colourful entertainment, then at least the rest of us will be offered a different type of film.

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