Unlike Black Panther, Captain Marvel will be an origin movie

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It’s been confirmed that Captain Marvel will be based on an origin story, which can’t be said for fellow Marvel superhero, Black Panther.

Marvel studio boss Kevin Feige revealed the news during an interview with Cinema Blend:

“[Black] Panther is not really an origin story, since we saw him already in Civil War,” he said. “But his standalone certainly introduces you to 99% of his world that you never saw. And Captain Marvel is certainly an origin. It’s an origin story from the start.”

“[Black] Panther is not really an origin story. Captain Marvel is certainly an origin.”

Room‘s Brie Larson will star as the titular superhero. And you can see her fixing up on her knowledge of the character below:

She made the announcement back in July:

Niki Caro and Elizabeth Wood will direct Captain Marvel which hits cinemas in March 2019. While Black Panther is slated for February 2018.

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