Titanic composer James Horner killed in plane crash

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Sad, sad news to report that renowned Hollywood composer James Horner has died in a plane crash in southern California. The news comes by way of The Hollywood Reporter, who state confirmation from Horner’s assistant Sylvia Patrycja via a Facebook post in which she says:

“We have lost an amazing person with a huge heart, and unbelievable talent. He died doing what he loved. Thank you for all your support and love and see you down the road.”

The 61-year-old wrote scores for over 100 movies during his career, such as Avatar, Titanic and Braveheart to name but a few of the hugely successful films he worked on. His first of 10 Oscar nominations came for the music he wrote for James Cameron’s Aliens, and he went on to win two Academy Awards for the score he wrote for Titanic, which sold a whopping 27 million copies worldwide, making it the highest-selling primarily orchestral soundtrack in history. The awards were for Best Original Dramatic Score and the other for Best Original Song (the music for Titanic‘s Celine Dion-sung ‘My Heart Will Go On’).

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