This Justice League poster features dead Marvel characters

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DC’s superhero ensemble movie Justice League is out and it hasn’t gone down well, at all. Aside from the harsh reviews and poor box office returns. A new poster has been found which shows the DC heroes murdering Marvel’s stars including Thor, Wolverine and Deadpool. How is this allowed? I have no idea…

The Chinese poster was shared on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform before it made its way onto Reddit where a user said the posters were used in cinemas in the country along with iQiyi (a Chinese video platform).

The Reddit post claims that someone contacted video streaming platform iQiyi and supposedly offered payment in order to remove what they had shared about the controversial poster. It’s clear the Marvel heroes had been Photoshopped over the top of the Justice League’s official poster, with the copyright claims considered, Warner Bros. and DC would never make such a damning choice.

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The post explained:

“The graphic poster includes Deadpool on Aquaman’s pitchfork, Batman holding a cut-off head of Thor, Wolverine being stabbed to death, the Flash stepping on Captain America’s head, Superman squishing Ant-Man, and a disembodied Ironman lying on the ground.”

Justice League is in UK cinemas right now.

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