The Wolf Man to be the next Universal Monster reboot

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Since this year’s Dracula Untold was officially the first entry in Universal’s reboot franchise of their line-up of classic monsters – after some reshoots made it fit into the larger plan of movies – it has now been revealed, via Deadline, that the Wolf Man is the next iconic creature to have a solo film planned.

No stars, director, or even a plot synopsis have been given at this moment, but it’s safe to assume that this will be the untitled Universal Monsters picture that’s been scheduled for April 21, 2017. We’ve had a number of iterations of the Wolf Man over the years; 1941 saw the classic The Wolf Man inspire werewolf-phobia in audiences, while 2010’s The Wolfman (no space there) starred Benicio Del Toro, but did little to inspire much at all. The movie will, of course, follow 2016’s The Mummy reboot, which will make this the third Universal Monster movie when it comes out.

As far as the idea of a cinematic universe goes, this has been a long time coming; these characters already have a rich, blood-soaked cinematic legacy in place, with some of the monsters already crossing over into each other’s films (such as 1957’s Dracula meets Frankenstein). We can’t wait to see what Universal does with this series of films; will they culminate in an Avengers Assemble-type team-up? We’re keen to see Luke Evans back as Drac, after he was sorely let down by the movie he was in – but we’re even more excited to see who’ll end up playing the Wolf Man. Keep checking Flickreel for updates as they come.

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