The Trailer Round-Up: February

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This regular feature showcases the best trailers from the upcoming month, hand-picked by us as the ones to watch out for. Any that you think we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments section below.

Action / Adventure

Sound the remake klaxon! A new interpretation of the Kathryn Bigalow classic Point Break is skydiving into cinemas near you – and if our hunch is anything to go on, this’ll be one experience worth trading up for the real thing. No Patrick Swazye? No Keanu Reeves? No interest. Release: February 5


Now this looks promising. Even if the astonishing cast doesnt draw you in to see Triple 9 (Casey Affleck, Kate Winslet, Woody Harrelson – the list goes on), rest assured that you will be in the hands of the masterful director John Hillcoat. We have the suspicion that the movie, which is being marketed as an action-heavy, street-cool thriller, will in fact turn out to be a more sombre, tension-heavy ensemble drama in line with the director’s previous work, like Lawless, The Road and The PropositionRelease: February 19


Science Fiction / Fantasy

As if the titular antihero hadn’t already made you aware through his scheming marketing campaign, a little movie called Deadpool’s coming out soon. In total honesty, we think it looks hysterical, arriving with an attitude totally befitting the beloved character and offering an antidote to the formulaic superhero fare we’ve been bludgeoned by the last few years. Release: February 10


Drama / Thriller

Dalton Trumbo was a Hollywood screenwriter accused of being anti-American, thanks to his Communist ideology; however, his credits – most of them under an alias – include some of the most classic American films ever, such as Spartacus and Roman Holiday. Need any more reasons to watch the David-and-Goliath biopic, Trumbo? Here’s one: Bryan Cranston is in the lead role. Release: February 5


Although the initial reviews have been harsh, there’s no denying the sheer chemistry at work in the A Bigger Splash trailer between Swinton, Schoenaerts, Fiennes and Johnson. When you have four actors that good in a pressure-cooker situation – even if that happens to be a beautiful beach paradise – then this movie already has ‘must-watch’ factor attached to it. Release: February 12


Even if Will Smith hasn’t been Oscar-nominated for his role in Concussion, the trailers all point to a performance in which he plays to his strengths: integrity in the face of systematic adversity, and a gentle wit to win over even non-Smith fans (do they actually even exist?) Release: February 12


The Secret in Their Eyes is one of the best, if not the best, foreign thrillers of the past decade. That’s why we’re apprehensive about this American remake, especially considering the seemingly re-aligned set of motivations: instead of a socio-philosophical procedural, Secret in Their Eyes now seems to be nothing more than a personal revenge tale. Still, Julia Roberts looks superb in this, as do supporting players Chiwetel Ejiofor and Nicole Kidman. Release: February 26




Taking a national televisual institution like Dad’s Army and reformatting it for the big screen has its distinct perils, especially when that adaptation recasts every actor. But if this trailer is anything to go on, director Oliver Parker appears to have recaptured at least some of the same magic. Plus, with Bill Nighy, Toby Jones, Catherine Zeta-Jones and loads more British treasures lending their abilities, this will most likely do well at the British box office at least. Release: February 5


Like Ben Stiller’s male model hero says, ‘moisture is the essence of wetness – and wetness is the essence of beauty’. Well, Zoolander is also the essence of hilarity, a hilarity we may see reforged in this long-time-coming sequel. We’ve laughed our really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking heads  off at the trailer. Release: February 12


Also known simply as ‘Grimsby’ in the UK, new spy comedy The Brothers Grimsby comes with the straight-man and stooge double-act of Mark Strong and Sacha Baron Cohen – a comedic force to be reckoned with. The only downside? It’s directed by Louis Leterrier (Clash of the Titans); could we have a stillborn comedy on our hands? Release: February 24




There’s always a place in our hearts for movies that toe the line between horror and comedy, and the beautifully-titled Pride and Prejudice and Zombies should fill it. The premise sets us up for equal parts gore and comedy; what’s not to look forward to? Release: February 11


Eli Roth seems intent on returning to our movie screens as often as possible – Knock Knock came out only last year – and The Green Inferno is his next exercise in genre horror. This time taking the controversial route of films such as Cannibal Holocaust, could this movie be the one where Roth’s knack for going a step too far achieve something great? Release: February 12


Natalie Dormer being chased by supernatural forces in The Forest? Poor thing – we’d rather just see her gradually snake her way toward the crown in Game of Thrones. Then again, GoT’s Rose Leslie starred in the terrific horror Honeymoon: could this be Dormer’s turn in the spotlight? Release: February 26




Filled with enough ideas to keep Tomas Edison up for days and a pace fast enough to fill over any gaps in logic, the new Goosebumps movie looks like a hugely fun rollercoaster ride not only for your kids, but for you too: maybe you even picked one of R.L. Stein’s books up in your younger years. Release: February 5


Disney have attempted to resurrect the long-forgotten form of the family-friendly ‘adult’ movie to varying success in the last few years, with Million Dollar Arm occupying the lower end and McFarland, USA at the higher. The Finest Hours looks set to join the latter in entertainment that doesn’t feel 100% sugary, but suitable for you to bring your entire family to. Release: February 12




This suitably dreamy documentary is resurrected from the ashes of broken film reels, a long-lost relic of Dennis Hopper’s days of easy riding in the ‘70s. The American Dreamer looks like a minor but nevertheless fascinating entry into the league of profile documentaries, especially as it focuses on a specific, formative period in a famed star’s life. Release: February 5


We’d go see anything Amy Berg directs. However, the documentary filmmaker behind West of Memphis and Deliver Us From Evil finds new material to play with in the form of hugely influential singer, Janis Joplin. Her new film, Janis: Little Girl Blue, is set to make fresh insights into a pivotal pop culture figure. Release: February 5


World Cinema


We love almost everything that comes out of Iceland, and the trailer for Rams only bolsters that love. Boasting tightly-wound Scandinavian humour and beautiful cinematography to complement the laughs, this will be one of those under-the-radar films you need to add to your watchlist.

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