The Trailer Round-Up: August 2015

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This new regular feature showcases the best trailers from the upcoming month, hand-picked by us as the ones to watch out for. Any that you think we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments section below.

Action / Adventure

Shake off the confusion and nonchalance you feel toward the Hitman franchise, as we’re getting a new film whether we like it or not. At least Rupert Friend – who gave such an astonishing turn in Starred Up – is starring as the titular killing machine, and hey, at least it can’t be as bad as the first one. Right? Release: August 27

Whether you’re a Guy Ritchie fan or find his antics annoying, you can’t help but find the trailers so far for The Man From U.N.CL.E. remarkably good fun. The amazing stunts and style aside, there seems to be real chemistry fizzing between the three leads, Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer and Alicia Vikander. Release: August 14

Science Fiction / Fantasy

A lot of the sci-fi nowadays tend to fit into the superhero camp, and Fantastic Four has been marketed heavily in that direction. But now the Interstellar-style voiceover of the teaser trailer is done with, the superheroics come out in full force in this new trailer, where the Family are flexing their newfound muscles. Release: August 6

Drama / Thriller

Already receiving rave reviews – and a hint of controversy over its 18 rating in the UK – The Diary of a Teenage Girl looks to put Kristen Wiig on the map as a dramatic actress, while also opening the world up to Bel Powley. It’s not just about the performances, however; it also looks beautifully made. Let’s hope it lives up to the hype. Release: August 7

Joel Edgerton first surprised filmgoers when his name popped up as a story credit on The Rover. How could such a bleak, dystopian art movie come from the mind of one of Hollywood’s leading hunks? That’s why we’re really excited about The Gift, the actor’s directorial debut, which looks like it’s going to put a quality sheen on a slightly schlocky premise. Release: August 7

Al Pacino has had a slight resurgence of late; Salomé, The Humbling and Danny Collins have seen the veteran actor change course toward more challenging, interesting material following the likes of Jack and Jill and Righteous Kill, and Manglehorn is another dark, dramatic piece. Funny, then, that he should be teaming up on it with director David Gordon Green, who after catastrophes The Sitter and Your Highness, went onto the acclaimed Prince Avalanche and Joe (which also starred an ageing actor in a comeback role, Nicolas Cage). Fingers crossed for ManglehornRelease: August 7

After The Fault in Our Stars displayed the better side of the Young Adult surge in modern cinema, the next John Green adaptation, Paper Towns, looks to be following suit – especially if our own verdict is anything to go by. Release: August 17


Simon Pegg stars in a redux of Bruce Almighty by the name Absolutely Anything. Granted the power to do – you guessed it – anything, he must choose to do right by his new abilities. If he chooses a darker path, then the alien race that bestowed him these powers will obliterate Earth. Heavy stuff – but Absolutely Anything seems an immensely likeable comedy, with throw-everything-at-the-wall gags and the always reliable Pegg. Release: August 14

Noah Baumbach can’t catch a break – probably because he’s too busy making dramedies that continue to define the 21st century. His on-off muse Greta Gerwig returns to lure Lola Kirke into the hubbub of New York life in Mistress America, where Baumbach’s signature blend of razor wit and inside knowledge of the trendy scene come to life fullest. Release: August 14

Amy Schumer’s ascent to widespread acclaim has been a long time coming. Her stand-up and writing talents have all lead to Trainwreck, where her ‘empowered’ character (who, unsurprisingly, shares the same name) lives a life of one night stands – until Bill Hader introduces a possibility for genuine romance. Release: August 14

August can’t help but come with its fair share of comedy duds, and Vacation is very likely going to be that dud. No matter how much we love Ed Helms, barely anything in the trailer here has veered from the well-established brand of broad jokes that modern comedies love so much, and little of the subversion of the original. Still, we’ll hold out hope – just not much. Release: August 21

The tail-end of the month brings American Ultra. Starring Adventurelanders Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart, this stoner comedy is set to fire on a million different cylinders at once, especially since it comes from the darkly sly mind of writer Max Landis. The trailer already screams ‘future cult classic’; grab this on the big screen while you can. Release: August 27


If you mix cuteness with a ‘support the troops’ mentality, the end-product is likely to resemble Max. This army pup is set to inspire warmth – and jingosim – in your hearts, and is likely to resonate stateside more than anywhere else. Still, we just want to see Max barking commands. Get it? Release: August 7

Okay, so labelling The Bad Education Movie as a ‘family’ film is pushing it – but it’s got a 12A rating, so that’s good enough for us. And even if you wanted to hate Jack Whitehall, he’s got that intelligent charm about him that’s undeniable, and is a quality that’s probably going to carry this flick. Release: August 21


August isn’t serving up much for horror fans, but at least there’s one big release: Sinister 2. The first movie was a surprisingly compelling haunted house movie with sincere scares, and if lightning strikes twice – which it can in the movie world – then Sinister 2 will follow that trend. Release: August 21

World Cinema

Aleksey German’s long-gestating passion project finally comes to the screen. Hard To Be A God follows a group of scientists who travel to the planet Arkanar, who are currently living through their own Medieval period in history. Expect Tarkovsky-level cerebral workouts, and if the reviews are anything to go by, one of the finest foreign films this side of the millennium. Release: August 7

Jodorowsky’s Dune made us aware of the unique talent of the auteur, but one of his own movies has now successfully made it to the screen. Dance of Reality promises avant-garde delights, in the way only Jodorowsky can provide – just don’t expect to understand any of it. Release: August 21

Playing to a rapturous reception at festivals earlier this year is 45 Years. It’s supposed to be so good, in fact, we don’t want to give anything away here; best to experience the trailer for yourself. Release: August 28


This is one of our favourite trailers for a while; extremely short, while giving us a clear idea of what the picture’s about and making us really, really want to see it. Precinct Seven Five is an on-the-ground look at a real-life crooked cop, who used his double-sided leverage to run a city. It leaves us with a newscaster claiming it as ‘the story of cops and robbers – see if you can tell one from the other.’ Release: August 14

But our most anticipated documentary this month is The Wolfpack. Exploring the profound effect cinema can have on us in the most unfiltered way imaginable, it follows a group of kids whose parents never allowed them to go out into the outside world, instead imprisoning them in their home. Their one solace? Movies. Watch the trailer for yourself. Release: August 21

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