The Movie, The Music | November 2015

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The Movie, The Music is a feature where we compile the best tracks from recent movies, trailers, and TV for your aural enjoyment. It’s not just about what you see; it’s about what you hear.


In this edition of The Movie, The Music, things get pretty ambient as we take cuts from Dan Romer’s extraordinary score for Beasts of No Nation; there’s even time to focus on great work within poor films like Pan, and revisit the beauty of Song of the Sea as it’s released on DVD and blu-ray.

  1. ‘Snow’ by Frida Sundemo – Kill Your Friends
  2. ‘Do You Feel It?’ by Chaos Chaos – Rick and Morty (Season 2, Episode 3)
  3. ‘Lessons’ by SOHN – Steve Jobs trailer
  4. ‘Better Look Me in the Eyes’ by Dan Romer – Beasts of No Nation
  5. ‘The Derry Tune’ by Kila – Song of the Sea
  6. ‘The Judgement of Man’ by Clint Mansell – Crimson Peak trailer (originally used in Noah)
  7. ‘Edith’s Theme by Fernando Velázquez – Crimson Peak
  8. ‘Murmurs of Love and Death’ by John Powell – Pan
  9. ‘Song of the Sea’ by Lisa Hannigan – Song of the Sea
  10. ‘Gymnopédie No.1’ by Erik Satie – Mississippi Grind
  11. ‘Back to the Ocean’ by Dan Romer – Beasts of No Nation
  12. ‘Karma Police’ by Radiohead – Kill Your Friends
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