The Coen Brothers won’t make The Big Lebowski sequel

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Fans hoping for a sequel to cult classic The Big Lebowski will be discouraged to hear that directors Joel and Ethan Coen won’t be making a follow-up film. They revealed the news during an interview with Variety.

When asked if a sequel would happen, Joel Coen said “In this case, I don’t think we’ll oblige.” And Ethan Coen even denied the rumours of a spin-off for John Turturro’s Jesus character which had been speculated.

But there is one film that looks set to get a second installment. “We’re going to do a Barton Fink sequel at some point,” Ethan explained, “It’s going to be Turturro in Berkeley in the ’60s.”

Joel added “That’s the one movie that we thought deserved a sequel, called Old Fink. But we don’t want to do it until Turturro is quite old. He’s getting there.”

So it’s a “no” to a sequel of fan’s favourite The Big Lebowski but a follow up to 1991’s Barton Fink looks set to happen and so we can at least be glad of that, right?


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