The Coen brothers focus on their next project, Black Money

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With their upcoming film Hail, Caesar! yet to be released, the movie-making machine that is the Coen brothers is rolling into production once again. Joel and Ethan Coen are reportedly scripting Black Money, based on the 1966 book by Ross MacDonald novel, and may also end up directing too.

The book is a crime caper, which is right up the O Brother, Where Art Thou? and The Ladykillers directors. The synopsis for the book reads:

‘When Lew Archer is hired to find out the truth about a suspiciously suave Frenchman who has run off with his client’s girlfriend, it looks like a simple enough case. But things start to look very different when Archer connects the elusive foreigner with a seven-year-old suicide and a mountain of gambling debts.’

Sounds right up the Coens’ street. We’re thinking Chinatown sprinkled with The Hudsucker Proxy – one of the duo’s lesser appreciated movies – and if this gets a great cast, which is pretty likely to happen, we’ll be even more interested. There’s no release date set as of yet, but Hail, Caesar! will be released next year to quench our thirst – on February 2 in the US, and February 25 in the UK.

Source: Deadline

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