The Circle is being panned by critics

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The Circle had its first screening at the Tribeca Film Festival yesterday and it’s not gone down well with critics.

The film follows the story of Emma Watson’s character who lands a dream job at a powerful tech company called the Circle, only to uncover a nefarious agenda that will affect the lives of her friends, family and that of humanity.

Many movie outlets were in attendance to see the premiere screening of James Ponsoldt’s sci-fi thriller last night but their reactions and reviews are generally very poor. With critics labelling the film as “laughable”, “bad” and slating Watson’s performance. Check them out below:

The Hollywood Reporter: “We probably already live in a scarier world, filled with stranger horrors, than the one The Circle presents as a cautionary tale”

The Wrap (2/5):  “Watson is unable to make the various changes that happen to Mae convincing. Her behavior in the final scenes barely makes any sense. The Circle is a laughable melodrama”.

WMUK: “The Circle Is More Cautionary Tale Than Nail-Biting Thriller.”

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The Circle is based on the novel by Dave Eggers and stars Watson, Tom Hanks and John Boyega. It’s still awaiting more reviews which we can only hope are more positive. It hits theaters tomorrow, see its trailer below:

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