A Terminator Board Game is on the way thanks to Kickstarter campaign

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Another day, another successful Kickstarter campaign…

Kickstarter is seemingly going from strength to strength these days with two successful campaigns around much-loved films doing the rounds in the last few days. Last week, we told you about the campaign to bring a Hook prequel to screens from original star Dante Basco ; and now it seems like that unstoppable killing machines The Terminator is heading our way soon in board-game form (via DreadCentral).

A new Kickstarter which was started over the weekend has already reached its goal total and now a board-game version of the 1984 film is on the way. Space Goat Productions are behind the project and were looking at a $120,000 goal – but it has since surpassed that total and now its total stands at over $154,500 and continues to grow.

The game will feature two different scenarios – one is set in 1984 and the other in 2029 and allows you to play as the human resistance of the evil forces of Skynet. Consider us sold! You can check out all the different prizes you can own in you pledge through this link as well as a play-through video below.

Here’s the official synopsis for the game:

The Terminator™: The Official Board Game
An asymmetrical strategy game played across two boards based off of the iconic 1984 James Cameron film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Terminator™: The Official Board Game is an asymmetrical strategy game for 2-5 players played across two boards: one in 1984 and one in 2029. One player takes control of all of Skynet’s forces: Hunter Killer machines, Terminator cyborgs, and more. The rest of the players take the role of the human resistance, struggling against the impossible odds of the machine uprising. Each of the two game boards play differently: 2029 focuses on light troop and resource management in a lopsided battle for dominance. 1984 focuses on personal missions with high stakes and intense pacing. Missions arise through the course of gameplay, and have players make decisions in 1984 that will affect the future, erasing and adding components in real time.

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