Soldado will see Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro “without a chaperone”

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Soldado, the upcoming follow-up to Sicario is on the way and while Emily Blunt isn’t involved, the film will follow Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro’s characters and what they got up to next…

Released in 2015, Sicario was directed by Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Blade Runner 2049) and starred Emily Blunt as Kate Macy, “an idealistic FBI agent is enlisted by an elite government task force official to aid in the escalating war against drugs” alongside Brolin and Del Toro. The film was met with universal acclaim and a decent box office return ($84million grossed from its modest $30million budget) and just last year, writer Taylor Sheridan spoke about the sequel and why Blunt’s Macy isn’t involved in the follow-up.

Sheridan is currently in Park City at the Sundance Film Festival promoting his directorial debut Wind River, which stars Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner, and speaking to Collider, he has added a little more about just how Soldado will follow on saying:

“…I had an idea, and I said [to the producers], ‘Look you can’t really do a sequel, but I sure would love to see what happened if these guys didn’t have a chaperone.’ Because basically they’re operating within the United States, so I played with some actual laws that exist and found a way that they could operate more or less legally within the U.S. But they had a chaperone. What happens if they weren’t in the U.S. and they didn’t have a chaperone? How bad or good would that work out?” he said. “You’ve seen ‘Sicario,’ good isn’t going to factor into it too much.”

In addition, Sheridan gave a little hint as to whether there could be a third film, teasing:

“Who knows? I know what it would be if they did. I know exactly what it would be if they did.”

Stefano Sollima (Suburra) is directing the new film and will co-star Oscar nominee Catherine Keener (Begin Again) and Matthew Modine (Stranger Things). No release has been set.

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