Suicide Squad to skip China?

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It looks likely that Suicide Squad won’t be making its way East to the Chinese box office. The Hollywood Reporter reports that “sources close to the decision-making process” are saying that it is “increasingly unlikely” the film will be released in the world’s second largest movie market. Most likely because a film about a band of anarchic misfits going about causing mayhem (to put it simply) isn’t the type of message that the Chinese government wants to spread.

This would be a major blow to David Ayer’s comicbook movie, as reports suggest it will need to make around $750 or $800 million just to break even. Batman v Superman made $95,769,365 according to Box Office Mojo by way of comparison. Still, like that film, Suicide Squad is set to break records when it is initially released. Warner Bros. will just have to hope that it doesn’t drop off as quickly as BvS. All of this might well cause the studio to start to reconsider their attempts to establish the DC Extended Universe though…

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