You’ll never guess which “Indiana Jones” is director Steven Spielberg’s least favourite?

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It’s one of the most beloved franchises in the history of cinema and in a year or two, it will be back amongst us once more. Yes, we’re talking of course about Steven Spielberg and George Lucas’ Indiana Jones – four films in and still going strong. But the series hasn’t always been all sunshine and rainbow with the previous installment, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, deemed by many as the worst of the bunch.

However, it seems that director Steven Spielberg has another entry in mind that he considers being the weakest: The Temple of Doom. It isn’t new news at all as he has spoken out about the film before but thanks to a new documentary, entitled Spielberg, the director has been speaking about his career to filmmaker Susan Lacy and some of the mistakes or unhappiness he feels towards the film, as well as others such as 1941. (via NY Daily News).

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Indeed The Playlist backs up the claims with this quote from 1989 where Spielberg discuss Doom with Sun-Sentinel, saying:

“I wasn’t happy with the second film at all. It was too dark, too subterranean, and much too horrific. I thought it out-poltered ‘Poltergeist.’ There’s not an ounce of my own personal feeling in ‘Temple of Doom’.”

Do you agree with Spielberg about Temple of Doom? Or do you think Crystal Skull was the worst one of all?

Spielberg airs on HBO on October 7th; Indiana Jones 5, which will see Spielberg and star Harrison Ford return, is slated for released in July 2020

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