Steven Spielberg has already seen The Force Awakens three times

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Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley has revealed that iconic director Steven Spielberg has seen the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, three times already.

Ridley told Glamour magazine, ‘I haven’t seen the film yet – I kinda want to, and I kinda don’t – Steven Spielberg’s seen it three times, as he told me when I met him!’

Spielberg, famously, was one of the only people who saw a rough cut of the original Star Wars in 1977 and told its creator George Lucas that it would be a hit.

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Ridley, who plays the mysterious Rey in The Force Awakens, also told Glamour that Abrams was less than thrilled with her initial performance whilst filming: ‘He probably doesn’t remember telling me that my performance was wooden. This was my first day! And I honestly wanted to die. I thought I was gonna cry, I couldn’t breathe.’

Daisy Ridley as Rey

Daisy Ridley as Rey.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released in the UK on December 17th and in the US on the following day.

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