Steven Soderbergh coming out of retirement to work on new Channing Tatum film

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Steven Soderbergh looks set to come out of his theatrical retirement to work on a new movie with Channing Tatum. THR reports that the film will revolve around a heist during a NASCAR-style race and is being labelled as “Ocean’s Eleven but with hillbillies”.

Michael Shannon (Man of Steel) has also been linked, although only Tatum has been confirmed so far. Soderbergh’s last films were 2013’s Behind the Candelabra and Side Effects but since then he’s only been working in television.

Soderbergh confirmed shortly before the release of Side Effects that he would be retiring from filmmaking blaming Hollywood’s horrible treatment towards directors as the main cause:

“The worst development in film-making – particularly in the last five years – is how badly directors are treated…It’s become absolutely horrible the way the people with the money decide they can fart in the kitchen, to put it bluntly.” Elegantly said by Soderbergh.

Whether he’ll direct or produce the film is currently unknown but once any developments happen, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

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