Star Wars: The Last Jedi reshoots to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher?

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Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi is having major reshoots which is reportedly caused by the tragic loss of Carrie Fisher.

It’s already been reported that The Last Jedi will undergo reshoots in March and according to expert of the franchise, Mike Zeroh, it’s to make changes to scenes, due to the passing of Fisher, who of course played Princess Leia.

Zeroh reveals in his latest video that the reshoots will most likely modify Fisher’s scenes to make them “more special” and pay “tribute” to the late actress:

“It has been rumoured that some of Carrie Fisher’s major scenes from Episode VIII will be cut from the film. I think that what they’re going to be doing is modifying the scenes perhaps to make them all the more special and…bring an interesting tribute to her as a person.

Now we do know this approach was used for Furious 7 with Paul Walker. I think they could do something similar for Carrier Fisher playing General Leia and they could make the scene…have a larger impact on the film and that is what these reshoots could be for – that’s my belief. It could be for little snippets here and there to make other scenes more detailed.” he said.

While Fisher had completed all her scenes for The Last Jedi, she was expected to play a major role in Episode 9, therefore Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and director Colin Trevorrow held crisis talks in January to consider their options, and so the reshoots may very well have been their solution.

The filming will take place in Austria, Scotland and Ireland. And we can see the finished product when Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits screens on December 15th.

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