Shia Labeouf admits he doesn’t like his Spielberg films

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Shia LaBeouf has slammed iconic director-producer Steven Spielberg. When speaking about his work on Transformers and Indiana Jones, which Spielberg produced, Shia said “You get there, and you realize you’re not meeting the Spielberg you dream of… You’re meeting a different Spielberg, who is in a different stage in his career. He’s less a director than he is a company.”

Shia also went on to criticise the way Spielberg runs his films and production, “Everything has been so meticulously planned. You got to get this line out in 37 seconds. You do that for five years, you start to feel like you don’t know what you’re doing for a living.”

Furthermore, LaBeouf says he didn’t like any of the Spielberg films he was in: “The only movie that I liked that we made together was Transformers“.

Labeouf is now 30, his filmography so far is commendable and he’s got a successful record when it comes to the box office. His next film is another indie flick called American Honey. You can read our full review of the film here.

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