Ryan Reynolds on Deadpool: ‘I can’t wait to unleash it’

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As if you weren’t already hooked into seeing Deadpool by its brilliant marketing campaign, lead star Ryan Reynolds has given some thoughts to Total Film on his movie which are enticing to say the least. He commented on fan expectations, and his own personal stake in the production:

‘There’s something very proprietal and very personal about it for me. I know what I can put on screen, and I know what I’ve put on screen is something that would make any fanboy proud… All anyone cares about in this process is making Deadpool work as much for the fanboys as it does for the uninitiated. I can’t wait to unleash it. We’re so, so psyched. You’re definitely going to be happy, that much I can promise…’

Reynolds, who also acts as a producer on the film, has been heavily involved in the creative and marketing process with director Tim Miller. It sounds like Reynolds is rather confident in the final product – which, if the trailers are anything to go by, is going to be hysterical, gory, and plain fun in equal measures.

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Deadpool is released February 10.

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