Russell Crowe ‘couldn’t stand’ Tom Cruise while shooting The Mummy

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Russell Crowe ‘couldn’t stand’ Tom Cruise while they worked together on Universal’s The Mummy reboot, according to reports.

The rift apparently dates back as the pair were said to have fallen out since Tom’s treatment of Russell’s friend Nicole Kidman during their 11-year marriage. Cruise married Kidman in 1990 before they divorced in 2001.

The news comes from a source that told New Idea magazine:

“He hasn’t been able to stand Tom for years. Russell is a loyal guy and never forgave Tom for the way he treated Nicole. If they’d stayed friends, he would’ve felt he was betraying Nic, so he froze Tom out of his life. He is very protective of his friend.”

Cruise and Crowe do share scenes together in The Mummy, with the former playing hero, Nick Morton and the latter portraying villain, Dr. Henry Jekyll.

The Mummy hits theaters on June 9 and you can see the trailer below:

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One comment on “Russell Crowe ‘couldn’t stand’ Tom Cruise while shooting The Mummy

  1. MimiB

    This piece is taken verbatim from an Australian gossip rag by way of the Daily Mail. This story is, however, absolute hogwash. New Idea is better known as “No Idea” because of the many celebrity fictions attributed to “un-named sources” they publish. They have been called out for rubbish stories and inaccuracies so many times it’s unbelievable that they’re still in existence or that anyone would take them seriously. For one thing, using simple logic, Russell would not have agreed to work on this film with Tom if he truly couldn’t stand him. Second, both actors are well known to be supreme professionals on set. Third, they’ve both said they enjoyed working together on it.

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