Rogue One swaps composer 3 months before release

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Three months before the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars story Oscar-winning composer Alexandre Desplat has been substituted for Michael Giacchino.

Rogue One has already been through some production trouble, Tony Gilroy (Nightcrawler) was the lead in extensive reshoots not so long ago, as there were some questions about the film’s story and tone. Subsequently, the reshoots have altered the schedule of the film. Now Desplat will not be available during the time that Disney need him, so this is where Giacchino comes in.

The prospect of Desplat was an inspiration, as he’s behind award-winning scores such as The Grand Budapest Hotel (pretty much every Wes Anderson film), Harry Potter and Gareth Edwards’ previous project, Godzilla.

Giacchino, however, seems to be Disney’s solid go to composer, as he’s already composed two films this year for Disney, including Zootropolis and Doctor Strange.

It does feel like Rogue One is hitting many walls before it’s release, but then again, so did Ant-Man. We think Rogue One is still going to be a solid Star Wars film despite what seems like behind-the-scenes struggle. If anything, the film has more chance of being good.

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