Pitch Perfect 3 loses Elizabeth Banks as director

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Pitch Perfect was something of a cult favourite, picking up steam on home entertainment, while its sequel Pitch Perfect 2 – which featured one of the original’s stars, Elizabeth Banks, as first-time director – racked up impressive numbers at the box office. While Banks was initially signed on to direct the third instalment, she’s now dropped out much to the chagrin of aca-fans everywhere.

Variety reports that Banks has exited the project on good terms with the studio, and was the result of a busy schedule and family duties. No replacement has been announced as of yet, but Banks remains onboard as a producer, while the film’s tentative release date of July 21, 2017 has been pushed back to December 22 of that year.

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The question we’re most concerned with? Will Banks reprise her small but hilarious role as contest commentator Gail?

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