Patrick Stewart: Deadpool “makes me think” about Professor X return

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Just when he thought he was out, they could maybe pull Patrick Stewart back in..

When Sir Patrick Stewart said recently that he, like Hugh Jackman, was retiring from the X-Men cinematic universe after Logan it seemed like it was a done deal and that the legendary actor was leaving such things up to James McAvoy for the future adventures. But similarly to Jackman, discussions about other characters in the Marvel universes have left him pondering again.

Speaking to MTV News at a special Q&A event recently, Stewart confirmed the news that he hs indeed retired but that the success of a certain red-suited Marvel “compatriot” has made him re-think about that. He said:

“I would have said yes [to retiring], but the discussion just now about ‘Deadpool‘ makes me think, ‘Well, maybe there is a proper justification for the revival of Charles Xavier,’”

It’s certainly a big lure with Deadpool but as Jackman has said on the press tour for Logan that Wolverine would definitely not be appearing in the sequel, which is set to start shooting very soon, adding that only a Wolverine appearance with The Avengers would get him back in the claws. But could an appearance from him and Stewart together sway them? While the concept on paper is certainly mouth-watering prospect, Logan does a beautiful job of giving both actors a wonderful send-off and should perhaps be left as such.

Logan is in cinemas now; Deadpool 2 is released in March 2018.

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