Nicolas Cage goes “full Cage” and crashes his own film festival

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Nicolas Cage just gave his fans the best present they could get…

Despite his recent array of films being predominantly straight-to-video fare, particularly in the UK, and of a very inconsistent quality (for every Bad Lieutenant there’s a Wicker Man), Nicolas Cage is still one of Hollywood’s most popular and interesting actors. And yesterday in the US, he surprised his fans by turning up to a film festival of his own varied catalogue (via The Independent).

Taking place at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, the CAGED Festival has been going for the last four years and takes place every year in January, when it is Cage’s birthday. But to the surprise of everyone, Cage crashed the party and sat with fans watching some his films including Bringing Out The Dead, Joe, and Lord of War. And if that wasn’t enough, he not only treated the audience to a Q&A session which lasted for around 45 minutes but he proceeded to spend 10 minutes reading The Tell-Tale Heart – a short story by Edgar Allan Poe.

It sounded a fantastic evening and the fans in the auditorium will certainly remember this night for a while. A video of the reading and Q&A can be viewed below to get your own flavour from CAGE Fest.

Cage can next be seen in Southern Fury (aka Arsenal), which hits UK cinemas on February 24th.

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