Nicholas Hoult confident Fury Road will win an Academy Award

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Mad Max: Fury Road star Nicholas Hoult is hopeful the critically acclaimed film will bring home an Academy Award this year.

In a report by IGN, Hoult — who plays the diseased War Boy, Nux — is confident George Miller’s film is deserving of accolades, even if Action movies are rarely considered during the awards season.

“Of course I’d get behind that – that would be phenomenal. I think for George that’s something that he deserves” Hoult said. “There are certainly award-bait movies where ‘these are the things you do’ and then you win awards or this and that and this type of movie. It would be nice if it got mixed up a little bit in that sense.”

The actor is also vivid in his description of the Fury Road set and the level of energy that took place behind the scenes:

“There were moments pretty much most days. I’d get chills – I’d sit there in my little V8 Hot Rod, and you’d line up in the dessert, and there’d be 50/60 vehicles around you, motor-bikes, trucks, all these things. They’d give you the signal to fire up your engines, and suddenly you’d just get this burst of noise, and dust kicked up, and there were 150 stunt guys playing war boys, so everyone would get really amped up before we rolled out. You’d see everyone screaming and shouting but you couldn’t hear anything over the din of the engines.”

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