New Spider-Man role involved screen test with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans

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It has come to light that in order to land the (gig of a lifetime) role of Spider-Man, Tom Holland had to be screen tested independently with Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans. This was only after he’d been shortlisted from a total of over 1.5K actors, and which ultimately came down to a cast-off between himself and fellow English actor Charlie Rowe (The Boat That Rocked). Chemistry displayed between Holland and Downey Jr. finally clinched it for the young actor, which would suggest just how central the new Spider-Man might become to the MCU going forward. Holland has reportedly signed up to play Spider-Man for at least four movies, including his introduction in Captain America: Civil War.

Charlie Rowe gracefully posted the following message on his personal Twitter account in response to the decision:

The untitled Spider-Man reboot – which already has its director in the form of Jon Watts (Clown), who was reportedly handpicked by Kevin Feige – is due for release in the US on 28 July 2017.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.

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