New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice details emerge

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With the giant casting news for Suicide Squad announced today, some more details have also emerged regarding 2016’s other DC comic book flick, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. This is what we’ve learnt:

  • KGBeast will be Lex Luthor’s henchman. His real name is Anatoli Knyazev, and while he is a smaller character in the wider DC universe, he is charged with keeping an eye on ‘metahumans’ – including a woman who has been glimpsed in old photographs from the 1800s, but mysteriously has not aged a day. (That’ll be Wonder Woman, if you didn’t already know.)
  • The Joker will, in one form or other, be given a passing mention. As this is at least half a Batman movie, it makes sense that his arch nemesis will make some kind of appearance, even if it is just a throwaway line of dialogue – especially as Superman’s bad guy Lex Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg, will be onscreen. If this ‘mention’ is more than just that, though, it’s unknown yet whether Jared Leto will make an appearance as the clown prince before Suicide Squad.
  • Doomsday will appear in the movie. Whether he’s more of a sideline villain (the brawn to Luthor’s brain?) remains to be seen, but this is big news because Doomsday is the big bad who offed Superman in the comics.

These are all interesting developments for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The list of characters seems to be growing (which could be worrying for a film that is literally titled after only two of them), and the comics are being mined for future narrative fabric that will tie this film and the rest of the DC universe together. Follow Flickreel for more news on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as it comes.

Source: HeyUGuys

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