Netflix gave Ricky Gervais an offer he ‘couldn’t refuse’ for Special Correspondents

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Ricky Gervais has explained how Netflix opened up the realm of possibilities for his new film, Special Correspondents, including those for filmmakers in general. Originally set for sale to a big studio, Gervais says he was made ‘an offer I could’t refuse’ from Netflix at a recent event held by the studio, according to CNET. ‘I’ve always had the final edit,’ he goes on, ‘I’ve always done my own thing… but usually to get that luxury I’d go to fringe channels – BBC Two not BBC One, Channel 4 not ITV One, HBO not NBC. But Netflix is the best of both worlds: you’re left alone and the sky’s the limit with how many people can watch it. It’s global, it’s immediate, it’s great. As an artist you want as many people to see your work as possible, but without compromise.’

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Gervais had even more complimentary things to say: ‘I think Netflix will be the return of the auteur because you make the movie you wanted.’ We hope you’re right, Mr. Gervais.

Special Correspondents is released on Netflix on April 29.

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