Mulan fans unhappy with Sony casting white director

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Game of Thrones director Alex Graves will helm Sony’s forthcoming Mulan adaptation, but fans feel this is another case of “Hollywood white-washing”.

Sony were thought to be looking to employ an Asian director for the remake of the 1998 classic but opted for Graves which has not gone down well with fans on twitter:

According to Deadline, the movie will at least have a Chinese lead and is being aimed at the international market.

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Disney are also adapting their own Mulan with no director announced yet, but Ang Lee has reportedly turned down an offer. There’s also been controversy surrounding Disney’s version as recently, fans formed a petition online to prevent the film from white-washing.

The petition, named “Tell Disney You Don’t Want A White-washed Mulan!” has over 100 thousand signatures and urges Disney to cast an appropriate actress to play the Chinese Mulan:

Disney’s Mulan will hit theaters in November 2017, while Sony’s is expected a bit later in 2018.

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