Morgan Freeman is open to a return in Bruce Almighty 2

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Morgan Freeman is open to a return in Bruce Almighty 2 if the film goes ahead. Freeman played God in the first film as well as in the spinoff Evan Almighty and he’s now revealed that he’d be up for another if asked.

Freeman told /Film when asked if he would return for Bruce Almighty 2. “I think I would have to if they did it. If Jim Carrey plays his character, and if I was called on, I would feel obligated.”

After the success of Dumb and Dumber To, Jim Carrey has relaxed his previous stance on sequels and is said to be considering a return to Bruce Almighty. A direct sequel was announced in 2012, although so far there has been no progress.

But now with Freeman’s approval, Universal Studios may turn their attention back on the sequel and we could start to see some developments in the near future.


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