Michael Fassbender deplores Magneto performance

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“I just think it’s me shouting. It’s just like…some dude shouting.”

This is what Academy nominated actor Michael Fassbender said during his career-long TIFF retrospective, after a clip of the actor portraying ‘Magneto’ in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ was presented to an audience, according to Vulture, he was ‘cringing and rubbing his face in embarrassment.’ While Fassbender did also speak about his creative processes during his filmography, he admitted he didn’t like his Magneto performance in that particular film so much.

Furthermore, Fassbender confessed taking on the role of Steve Jobs in the film with the same name, ‘Steve Jobs.’ Was the hardest role he’s ever come across. “It was so dense!…When the script arrived for me and the opportunity came to play the part, I really thought, ‘This is not me. This should be somebody else. It’s a miscast scenario.’” Fassbender joked about how he tried to get out of the role during rehearsals. “I remember telling my driver, ‘If I put my arm in the door, you should slam it. It should cause a break and it should get me out of this gig.’”

Fassbender was at TIFF to showcase his new film; The Light Between The Oceans, where he stars opposite Alicia Vikander, directed by Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine), you can see The Light Between The Oceans 4th November in the UK.

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