Melissa McCarthy admits Ghostbusters trailer is “very confusing” as it’s officially the most disliked in YouTube history

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The all-female Ghostbusters reboot had it’s first trailer released earlier this year but it hasn’t gone down well with fans and is now even officially the most disliked movie trailer in YouTube History.

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Not only does it have the most dislikes for a trailer on YouTube but according to “MyTop100Videos” channel’s “Most Disliked Videos” it also makes the top 25 most disliked videos overall.

And just to make matters worse for the doomed film, one of it’s leading stars, Melissa McCarthy, has revealed that she found the trailer “very confusing”.

As a guest on The Johnjay & Rich Show, when asked if she thought it was confusing, McCarthy agreed and revealed that she had raised some questions about it: “Believe me, the question was asked. I think it’s very confusing.”

Let’s hope the movie goes down better than the trailer with the film set to hit theaters on July 22.

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