Matt Damon has only 25 lines of dialogue in Jason Bourne

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It’s been revealed that Matt Damon had it pretty easy when it came to memorising lines in the upcoming Jason Bourne movie. The 45 year old actor had just 25 lines of dialogue in the whole film.

Director Paul Greengrass told the Guardian of his minimal dialogue, but promised that Damon makes up for his lack of talking with great action sequences.

“I think what makes a Bourne movie is the violence and the set pieces. But there’s a tremendous amount of emotionality in the character.”


Let’s hope he has more to say than just his own name (Team America: World Police)

The fifth film in the series sees “Bourne free from his former ties to the CIA but unwilling to move on emotionally, finding solace in the murky underground world of bare-knuckle boxing, so his spare approach to communication would certainly make sense.”

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And you can see but not hear much from Matt Damon as the title character in Jason Bourne, when it hits cinemas on 27 July.

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