Lucasfilm sues Lightsaber Academy

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Lucasfilm has sued a Star Wars-themed business for trademark infringement.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a lawsuit has been filed against a man named Michael Brown for the operation of businesses that include New York Jedi, the Lightsaber Academy and Thrills and Skills.

Brown runs a site called, which teaches certifications and classes in “Academic Form, Stage, and/or Dueling.”

Lucasfilm has made its complaint to California federal court. The company says it has warned Brown previously, but he chose to ignore and instead filed a trademark application for “Lightsaber Academy, Inc.”

The statement from Lucasfilm reads:

“Defendants regularly use the Lucasfilm Trademarks without authorization in connection with their businesses. Among other infringing activities, Defendants use a logo that is nearly identical, and confusingly similar, to Lucasfilm’s trademark Jedi Order logo.”

Lucasfilm is now demanding up to $2 million in statutory damages for each trademark infringement, as well as a permanent injunction. Brown will be turning red after hearing this.

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