Leonardo DiCaprio admits he was raped by that bear in The Revenant; the bear denies the claims

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Late last year it had been speculated that Leonardo DiCaprio had been raped by a bear whilst shooting a scene for The Revenant. However, 20th Century Fox were quick to deny the rumours. But now, just a couple of months since Leo took home the Academy Award for his efforts on the film, he has revealed the full truth regarding the bear incident and it’s not pretty.

“I was desperate to get my hands on the Oscar and I knew it would take extreme measures, but I didn’t think it would come to this”, he said. “When I met the bear on set, he was well-trained and seemed friendly but when the cameras rolled and we shot our scene together, things got out of hand.”

Leo needed consoling at this point in the interview but then bravely went on to say:

“He was very forceful with me and I looked on for help but Iñárritu didn’t cut the scene, he just watched with a beaming smile. He kept telling me, ‘If you want to win this Oscar Leo, you’re gonna have to do this.’ So I took his advice and I reluctantly let the bear have his way with me.”

The bear, however, has firmly denied the claims: “It’s utter nonsense, I was very professional in the scene. If anything, he came on to me.”

We asked The Revenant director, Alejandro González Iñárritu, to respond to the story, but he declined to comment.


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