Kevin Smith announces Mallrats 2 – in the coolest way possible

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Last week, director Kevin Smith hinted at a potential sequel to Mallrats – his 1995 cult hit, which followed the previous year’s Clerks – with a cryptic tweet:

That ‘rat’ could have been none other than Mallrats, what with the aforementioned continuation of the Clerks series. After that, he told the Hollywood Babble-On podcast that he would be going ahead with a Mallrats 2 as a tribute to his friend and producer, James Jacks, who had always wanted to get a sequel off the ground. And now, the non-official, rude but rather cool announcement below – with what we’re hoping is a returning cast member – has been posted on Kevin Smith’s Facebook page, consisting of a photo and a blurb:

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‘We goin’ back to the MALL, ya’ll! Stan Lee, Jay and Silent Bob and Michael Rooker are making a number 2. Talking about in this picture, not the movie. I’m aiming for the movie to be good. (This pic was taken yesterday, as all four of us gathered to shoot a really adorable Stan-centric spot for Audi that you’ll see online as we get closer to the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.)’

Consider this your visual announcement: Mallrats 2 is happening, although a release date is yet to be set. Expect Jason Mews (above) to return as Jay, and for Smith to reprise his role as the enigmatic Silent Bob; as for Stan Lee, who knows? The above photo is merely from a shoot that involved the iconic Marvel creator. But we can always hope…

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