Justice League’s Henry Cavill sets record straight on “moustache fiasco”

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Earlier this week, it was revealed that Superman star Henry Cavill has been at the centre of an unusual production problem. Justice League is currently undergoing reshoots, which Cavill is required for, however the DC actor has been growing a moustache for Mission: Impossible 6, and has been ordered by Paramount not to shave it off while shooting continues for the sixth film of the franchise.

Cavill has now “set the record straight” on what he calls the “moustache fiasco”. The Man of Steel star addressed the situation on Instagram, although with his sarcastic and comedic tone, we are still none the wiser as to a solution:


M:I 6 director Christopher McQuarrie spoke about the moustache on Twitter just over a year ago:


Reshoots for Justice League have been ongoing for two months and have cost Warner Bros. $25 million. The studio will now have to reportedly digitally remove Cavill’s facial hair.

Justice League arrives on November 17, with or without Cavill’s ‘tache.

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