Jurassic World director responds to trailer backlash

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The Jurassic World trailer has been taking the world by storm over the last couple of days. Directed by Colin Trevorrow, whose only feature so far is the 2012 indie darling Safety Not Guaranteed, the trailer boasts a wealth of spectacle: ‘gyrospheres’ that navigate visitors through the park, raptors running alongside Chris Pratt on a motorbike, and a Seaworld-esque segment that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘splash zone’ are all included. There is even a spine-tingling, spare piano arrangement of John William’s famous motif. But the trailer has garnered its fair share of criticism too, notably concerning the amount of CGI used in it. Where 1993’s Jurassic Park used practical effects to bring its dinosaur stars to life, there are only computer generated beasties to be found in this glimpse of Trevorrow’s film, with the complaints also geared toward the rest of his world being created digitally – including those famous entrance gates to the park. In response to these criticisms, the director responded on Twitter:

So, looks like there is hope for die-hard fans of Jurassic Park‘s practical real-world effects. After all, it just wouldn’t be the same going through those famous gates if they weren’t there for real. But will Jurassic World bring the same magic as the original, especially being the fourth entry in a franchise that has, so far, only gotten progressively worse? We believe that if Trevorrow has even a fraction of Steven Spielberg’s talent, there is hope yet.

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