John Boyega and Daisy Ridley give their opinion on The Force Awakens

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As the two leads of the most anticipated film of the year – decade? – it’s no surprise that Daisy Ridley and John Boyega have already been shown a cut of the movie. Playing Rey and Finn respectively, the actors are doing epic rounds of press for the film, including a stint on Good Morning America on which they offered their opinions of The Force Awakens.

Each seemed rather enthusiastic about it. ‘It’s so good… it’s so good,’ said Boyega, ‘this is a great reminder that Star Wars is back after so long, and there’s such a great balance between the new generation and the old – full of action, full of passion, and it’s quite emotional.’ Ridley was a little more introspective: ‘it’s the first time I’d ever really seen myself do something, so I was quite overwhelmed – so I’m looking forward to seeing it again, so I can be more like… “okay”.’

Boyega also talked a bit about the secrecy he had to employ during the casting process. ‘During auditioning, they would have you come to Pinewood Studios to learn your lines, and then you’d have to go home, trying to trace back what you learnt – and most of the time, it just went out of my head. I bottled it during the audition.’

Clearly, Boyega didn’t bottle it too much – he’ll be appearing in The Force Awakens soon enough. Harrison Ford also had his own positive (though admittedly, less clear) reaction to the film – but Boyega’s and Ridley’s thoughts on the film complement their reactions to the film’s trailer.


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